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CBD Specialty Market

About Us

 We are an education and health focused CBD e-store.

Our goal is to be a source of clarity on the vast amounts of misinformation that exist about CBD, as well as to educate the public about that to look for in quality CBD products. We aim to find what works for you by offering multiple high-quality brands of CBD products and working with you over time to hone in on what strength and/or application method might work best for your unique needs.

All of the oils, gummies, capsules, topical options, and pet products we carry are produced with hemp grown in the US, with organic practices. All are  third-party tested, with the results always available for viewing.

We are solely focused on health benefits and aim to clear the vast amount of misinformation about CBD as well as let people know what to look for in CBD products as there are many substandard products coming out.

We are not a vape shop and sell no vape or smoking products.