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CBD Ingestibles

10% Discount on all CBDistillery and Farmhouse Hemp Products.

CBD Ingestibles are any CBD product designed to be processed through your digestive system in order for the CBD to get into your system. We carry multiple types of ingestible products, including gummies, capsules, soft gels, and honey. The gummies and soft gels are pre-measured doses, for an easy add to your daily routine. Convenient and portable, you can also take your CBD ingestible on the go. We carry both Full Spectrum (0.3% THC or lower) and CBD Isolate (0% THC)** ingestible options.


Farmhouse Hemp - 5.8 fl oz Colorado Wildflower Honey 500mg

Each 5.8oz jar of Colorado Wildflower Honey combines the sweet benefits of honey with a potent 500mg of CBD. The use of hand-pressed, organically-grown hemp produces a pure, clean Full Spectrum product. A typical serving size is 1 teaspoon, which contains 20mg of CBD. It is a great addition to tea or toast and brings a subtle hemp flavor to the palate.
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CBDistillery - Full Spectrum Oil Soft Gel Capsules 30 mg/30 Count

These Full Spectrum Softgels are among the most convenient ways to get your daily dose of CBD. Each of the 30 softgels contains 30mg of CBD, making it a great mid-range daily dose. These pre-measured doses make for easy consistency in daily dosages. This is a great option for CBD users who do not like the taste or dosing method of the oil options, or for those who already take other daily supplements and simply want to add these to their routine.


CBDistillery - Vegan Isolate Gummies - 30 mg/25 Count - Assorted Flavors

CBD gummies! Each of the 25 gummies contain 30mg of CBD Isolate. These gummies are gluten-free, allergen-free, vegan, and kosher. Each bottle contained a variety of flavors including raspberry-lemon, raspberry and strawberry. Made with 99+% pure CBD Isolate, enjoy all of the benefits of CBD with 0% THC.